FHG Fueling can provide your business with
the highly demanded portable fuel tanks in the industry.

We are humbled to say FHG Fueling lead the way as the 1st in the North Texas area to provide ISO self-containment tanks and dispensing equipment. Lori is proud to be the best in the industry providing stationary and transportable fuel storage tanks in various sizes. Her commitment to be environmentally friendly guided her to a secondary self-containment tank that eliminates your need of pans or basins. These husky tanks are double walled with 110% containment.

FuelCube tanks are designed for onsite fuel needs and features a lockable cabinet for your business’s security and a 2-way forklift pocket for easy mobility when tanks need to be moved.

TransCube is a portable fuel storage tank. These rare tanks provide a solution to safely transport fuel efficiently and cost-effectively.

We also offer traditional above ground double-walled fuel tanks. We’ve partnered with a company founded in Texas that designs and manufactures tanks above the industry engineering standards. These traditional tanks are high-quality designed with very strict specifications and then customized for FHG Fueling plumbing needs.

Let our staff help you determine what is the best equipment fit and help forecast your needs. We want you to have the proper tank size on your location. All our tanks are appropriately labeled for compliance and easy to read.

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