Tracking and Reporting

Digital Capturing

From a single, real-time platform, we provide you with a digital capture of your delivery. We track your fuel with our automated tank monitoring system and prevent inventory loss by capturing real time fuel levels and data at any time. This enhances your company’s ability to reduce costs and increase productivity with our data-driven technology. What drives FHG Fueling is the success of our customers. Another item that distinguishes us in the market is the SkyBitz technology we invested in. FHG Fueling just makes your business run better.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

FHG Fueling enhances your operation by taking the risk of running out of fuel out of the equation. Using a combination of high-tech electronic hardware, global satellite communication and a secure web portal this allows FHG complete visibility into the tanks we provide or monitor. This is the same logistics platform that FHG Fueling uses in our top of the line fuel dispatch and delivery technology. This allows ease and a clear picture of fuel inventory that can transform your day to day operation.

Efficiency, usage history and delivery reports are valuable data we use based on your needs. We can even help you detect a potential theft 24/7.


Whichever type of fuel, oils and lubricants, or DEF you require, our drivers electronically scan the asset, which digitally records the type of product and gallons delivered, provide a date and time stamp, time spent on site and generate a GPS location. That is how FHG Fueling logistics platform stands out above all others, with integrity. Our dispatching, fuel delivery and remote monitoring run efficiently which overall provides concise, reliable, live, on-time data to our accounting department. That gives us the ability to send an invoice and delivery ticket on the same day.